Evictions tear people and pets apart. We keep them together.

Who Are We?

Atlanta has one of the highest eviction rates in the United States. Evictions affect not only humans — they also lead to the surrender of hundreds of family pets to area animal shelters each year. And while housing instability is often a temporary circumstance for the humans it affects, the surrender of a family pet to a shelter is permanent. Paws Between Homes believes that, when people get back on their feet in new housing, they should be able to do so as a complete family with no member left behind.  That’s why we provide temporary foster homes, supplies, and veterinary care to the pets of people who are getting evicted or otherwise losing their housing. We serve low-income households in metro Atlanta.

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Do you have extra room in your home and your heart? Foster a pet until it can be reunited with its forever family!

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Are you and your pet in imminent danger of losing your Atlanta-area housing, or is your housing already compromised? Let us know what’s going on to see if we can help.
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*Please call or email us if you need any assistance with submitting your application.

The high demand for our services has required us to limit our assistance to pets of people who are located within the I-285 Perimeter. However, please consult our resources list for other potential areas of assistance.


Our Stories

Five Weeks Can Change a Family’s World Forever: An Origin Story of Paws Between Homes

October 28, 2018: It’s the middle of a Sunday afternoon, and an email comes across my desktop, destined for an undisclosed list of potential helpers for a pet owner in need. Working for an animal welfare organization, I get a lot of emails like this. We always seem to be upside-down when it comes to…

Weaving the threads together to launch a new organization

I got the idea while I was walking my dog. Midnight and I were walking in Chapel Hill Park, cutting across the playground on our way to the pond, when a thought came into my mind like a lightning bolt. I stopped walking. Midnight pulled on the leash, looking up at me curiously: what happened?…

Our origin story, continued…

Being in the line of work of helping victims of domestic violence with their pets when they are escaping abuse and need temporary accommodations for their pets, I am well aware of the problems that temporarily homeless and evicted individuals with pets face. We receive many calls to our crisis line with requests for services…

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PBH draws support and mentorship from a variety of community partners.

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